Why i play Vainglory

                                Why i play Vainglory

It’s addicting. (Trust me it is)

It’s a global game so everyone can join.

The games are always interesting.

One of the best part is that you get to challenge with real people.

There are always fun updates for everyone.

The skins are always so amazing and beautiful.

Every level there’s a chest to grab.

The weekly hero rotation is always so fun.

Everyone is tempted to buy ICE.

The average time of each game is 20 minutes so there’s more to play.

There’s Limited time skins which makes people buy ICE, but it’s worth it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are 24 heroes to chose from and more are coming.

The modes Ranked Draft and Battle Royal are one of the most interesting modes.

Vainglory can be played ANYWHERE as long as there’s WiFi Ofc (ᵔᴥᵔ)

The achievements makes you play more which makes me stay on the app.. ¯\(°_o)/¯ can’t help it.

You will have trouble NOT exiting the app because you’ll get addicted easily.  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Vainglory also has a (news) page in the app which keeps you in touch with the updates which is why i open the app and see the news! . . . And play one game. . . make that two.

Vainglory is very very very very FUN!!!!!!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ



Ooma is a Japanese restaurant where me and my family ate dinner at.

We ate there at Ooma in megamall. It had rice bowls,ramen,appetizers,and main dishes like karaage,teriyaki chicken, shushi,noodles, and lots more!

When we ate there we mostly ordered rice bowls. It had lots of toppings on it and the sauce was delicious too because it had sweetness,saltiness and had taste of their special sauce!

Their menu also had small plates in it. It had three salad dishes three small meat dishes and one soup dish and a bean dish.

Ooma had Japanese dessert. It had cakes topped with ice cream,cold tea,canned juices and lots more.

Ooma is a new Japanese rice bar restaurant with other delicious dishes.


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Ysobel’s recital

Ysobel is the name of my little sister. This year she joined the piano class that i was in last year.

Ysobel is 7 years old, same age when i started piano class.

A few weeks later after Ysobel got to piano class it was time for her recital. She has two songs to play. For beginners the teacher plays a duet to support the beginner.

After the recital Ysobel my family and me all went to UP Town Center where theres restaurants,clothing shops,pastry shops, and more!

We like it there because theres always something new that we can eat in.

We ate at Ramen Nagi house of ramen for lunch. Me and Ysobel shared a ramen bowl, my two brothers also shared one and my eldest sister and mom did too.  In Ramen Nagi you can choose the ingredients for your own ramen.


After lunch we went to a place called St.marks for desert. We also ate churros from La lolas.  After that we went home to rest for an hour before mass.

After we went to mass we went to Alab for dinner.  We had dinner there and desert.

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The ebola

Ebola is a dangerous flu that comes from any animal that has sickness or an infection.

Scientists still can’t find the exact cure for ebola, that’s why many people are scared of ebola.

For over 3-4 years we still don’t have medicine that can help the imune system fight. Ebola causes vomiting blood, coughing out blood, and even death.

Ebola spreads fast from country to country, but it doesn’t spread easily to people’s bodies. Regular flu spreads easy because when one inhales it then its in with your cells. But ebola isn’t like that, one can get ebola by touching the affected ones blood,saliva, or mucus.

If you did touch any of that it will take 2-3 weeks for the ebola to take effect.  If you touch any blood,saliva,or mucus of the effected one some of your cells might be imune to ebola but most of them aren’t.

Hospitals are the best place to stay if you have ebola. First they put in isolation to stay apart from everyone else. They will put stuff to keep your oxygen and blood supported to give the imune system to have a chance to fight off the infection. If the imune system won the battle in your body then you are cured. It doesn’t just take the imune system to fight the infection but it also take a few vaccines that the scientists have at their research.

You shouldn’t panic from ebola because if you do the heart starts pumping faster which makes the blood in your body move faster. If so then the imune system will be unstable.

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