Philippines With in the walls

Oct. 30, 2016,

Intramuros literally means “With-in the walls”. We visited Intramuros in Oct. 30. I learned a lot of things, and i will share it with you.

Intramuros was built in the late 16th century to protect the Fort Santiago from foreign raids. The wall was destroyed and rebuilt 3 times.

José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, also known as Jose Rizal and Philippines’s national hero. He was born in June 19, 1861 and died in December 30, 1896. He was born at the time when Spaniards came to rule the Philippines. He wrote about the Spaniards’s abuses and was punished for doing so.What makes him great is that he didn’t fight in any wars for the Philippines, he wrote, and when people read his books, they agreed that Manila should be free and not ruled by Spaniards.

He wrote two books for the Manila,

 The Spaniards wanted to burn all the books because of this one, They had everyone burn all their books, but it was too late, Jose Rizal’s books were copied and many people had them. They agreed to Jose Rizal’s books, the people of Manila had the courage to fight the Spaniards. When Jose Rizal released his books, he had his name revealed, people said that revealing your name is dangerous. Jose Rizal did show his name to say that he is a Philippino to his readers and to tell that he isn’t scared.
The Spaniards found out his name and took him to a dungeon and tortured him, only some of his family members had permission to see him. He whispered something to his sister telling her “There is something inside it” referring to the alcohol stove given by the Pardo de Taveras which was to be returned after his execution, after that he said “Look at my shoes” telling them to dig out his corpse and take his shoes, and in it was a letter to his family saying “Treat our aged parents as you would wish to be treated…Love them greatly in memory of me…December 30, 1896.”
Before he died, he was shot, and just right before he fell he twisted his body so that he would die facing up.
His family buried him after his execution in Paco Park, His family had his initials backwards, R.P.J so that the Spaniards wouldn’t know that he’s buried there.
The Philippinos then battled the Spaniards, the Spaniards left for loosing the war after ruling the Manila for 333 years.
 Intramuros light and sound museum.
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Why i play Vainglory

                                Why i play Vainglory

It’s addicting. (Trust me it is)

It’s a global game so everyone can join.

The games are always interesting.

One of the best part is that you get to challenge with real people.

There are always fun updates for everyone.

The skins are always so amazing and beautiful.

Every level there’s a chest to grab.

The weekly hero rotation is always so fun.

Everyone is tempted to buy ICE.

The average time of each game is 20 minutes so there’s more to play.

There’s Limited time skins which makes people buy ICE, but it’s worth it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are 24 heroes to chose from and more are coming.

The modes Ranked Draft and Battle Royal are one of the most interesting modes.

Vainglory can be played ANYWHERE as long as there’s WiFi Ofc (ᵔᴥᵔ)

The achievements makes you play more which makes me stay on the app.. ¯\(°_o)/¯ can’t help it.

You will have trouble NOT exiting the app because you’ll get addicted easily.  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Vainglory also has a (news) page in the app which keeps you in touch with the updates which is why i open the app and see the news! . . . And play one game. . . make that two.

Vainglory is very very very very FUN!!!!!!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ



Ooma is a Japanese restaurant where me and my family ate dinner at.

We ate there at Ooma in megamall. It had rice bowls,ramen,appetizers,and main dishes like karaage,teriyaki chicken, shushi,noodles, and lots more!

When we ate there we mostly ordered rice bowls. It had lots of toppings on it and the sauce was delicious too because it had sweetness,saltiness and had taste of their special sauce!

Their menu also had small plates in it. It had three salad dishes three small meat dishes and one soup dish and a bean dish.

Ooma had Japanese dessert. It had cakes topped with ice cream,cold tea,canned juices and lots more.

Ooma is a new Japanese rice bar restaurant with other delicious dishes.


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Ysobel’s recital

Ysobel is the name of my little sister. This year she joined the piano class that i was in last year.

Ysobel is 7 years old, same age when i started piano class.

A few weeks later after Ysobel got to piano class it was time for her recital. She has two songs to play. For beginners the teacher plays a duet to support the beginner.

After the recital Ysobel my family and me all went to UP Town Center where theres restaurants,clothing shops,pastry shops, and more!

We like it there because theres always something new that we can eat in.

We ate at Ramen Nagi house of ramen for lunch. Me and Ysobel shared a ramen bowl, my two brothers also shared one and my eldest sister and mom did too.  In Ramen Nagi you can choose the ingredients for your own ramen.


After lunch we went to a place called St.marks for desert. We also ate churros from La lolas.  After that we went home to rest for an hour before mass.

After we went to mass we went to Alab for dinner.  We had dinner there and desert.

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